Biography Annelie Carlson

1962–1966 State examination and German Diplom degree after a four year study at the “Kunsthochschule für Gestaltung” (University of Art and Design) in Hamburg (Germany).
1966–1970 Freelance work in textile design, commercial art, decoration, and restoration.
1970–1977 High school and continuing education teaching positions as art instructor.
1977–1980 Opened own art studio in Wennigsen/Hannover (Germany).
1980–2001 Studio in Eicklingen resp. Wienhausen (Germany) and in Hylletofta (Sweden). Offered painting and drawing courses for children and adults.
since 2001 Art studio and gallery in Lanzarote (Spain).

Photo Annelie Carlson Charter member of the Soroptimist International Club in Celle (Germany). Project manager for the project “more education for girls – character development through painting”.

Member of the BBK in Celle (Germany) since 1996.

Trips of longer duration to destinations such as France and Spain, Peru and Mexico, China, northern Africa, Greece and Turkey.

More than 40 exhibitions within the past 30 years in Germany, Sweden, France and Spain.

Wholesale purchase of several watercolours through banks and public offices in Germany and Sweden.

Residence in Spain (Lanzarote) since 2001.

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